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Please contact one of our team members below if you have questions or would like to discuss anything Forge-related! We look forward to hearing from you!


Michelle Linton

In addition to heading up the business side of Forge Team Inc., Michelle is passionate about seeing members break through their barriers of fear to become stronger, faster and more healthy. In addition to being a Crossfit-L1 trainer, Michelle is also a Certified Life Coach and a Change Management Professional, Michelle helps individuals and organizations turn imagination into action. Through her own life experiences, Michelle has become a strong believer in pursuing a personal life mandate and aligning goals to that mandate. She is an avid runner who fully embraces the connection between mind, body, and soul.  Using Forge terminology ... Michelle is our hammer!


Amanda Voisin

Amanda's passion for fitness is contagious, and she always motivates our members to push their boundaries. A former elite provincial ringette athlete, Amanda knows that only hard work achieves results. In addition to being a Crossfit-L1 trainer, she is currently pursuing a career in Osteopathic Manipulative Sciences. Amanda always accepts a new challenge with a smile and continues to be a positive influence around the weight room. She is very strong ... Amanda is our steel!


Aimee Young

When not burning up the roads running marathons, Aimee will be creating a program to help turn up the heat and get you into shape. She is a Certified Personal Trainer, Crossfit-L1 and Agatsu Kettlebell L1 Instructor, has an Agatsu Upper and Lower Body Mobility and Movement L1 Certification, and is Eat to Perform Nutrition Certified.  Aimee is passionate about you getting results and enjoying yourself during the process! She knows the value of working through body, mind and spirit to ignite the enthusiasm to help you step outside the box and reach new heights.  Although definitely not a dragon lady ... Aimee is our fire!


Tom Altwegg

A long-time Forge member who has become a coach, Crossfit-L1 trainer Tom is an example of what can happen with effective training, proper nutrition and just plain hard work. He loves to see new members and is excited to have the opportunity to  help, inspire and motivate our members to become their own success stories.



 Kayla Linton

One of our original junior members, Kayla has transitioned from an Assistant Coach to a Crossfit-L1 trainer dedicated to helping both our members and our sports/youth teams become stronger and faster. She is passionate about inspiring individuals to push their limits and fears and achieve more than they thought they were capable of. Kayla is currently studying Health Sciences at Western University and is excited about pursuing a career in proactive health.  



Kathy Schnell

Kathy has been athletic for as long as she can remember.  She has dabbled in many sports over the years but found her true love in Triathlons and Yoga. After sustaining some injuries, it was recommended to Kathy that she try some strength training, which brought her to Forge.  Kathy now believes that Functional training is the key to living your best life, and that with patience, perseverance and the ability to do hard things, you can do anything. Kathy is a Crossfit-L1 trainer and looks forward to helping you train for your best life.  


Maria Mulder

Maria has always been very physically active and played a variety of sports growing up, mainly baseball, running, field hockey and horseback riding. She has been a member of a gym since university but joining Forge completely changed her motivation for working out. It used to always be about losing weight or regaining her body after pregnancies. Now it’s about becoming stronger, pushing herself to new limits, and learning new skills. Maria loves the sense of community and the support network at Forge. As a coach (Crossfit L1 Trainer), she wants to help new members build that same connection -- to feel like they are a part of this amazing community and to set new/different goals for themselves -- and to help them to achieve those goals. It’s not about comparison! It’s about seeing where you are today and building on that to be even better! 


Mitch Johnson

Although Mitch is used to putting out fire in his job as a firefighter, he sure knows how to build a fire inside our members, helping them fan their inner sparks of determination to better themselves. He applies his love for sports and experience playing competitive hockey towards building a supportive, safe environment that builds you up and challenges you to take your fitness to the next level. Mitch leads by example by continually improving himself through taking courses such as Crossfit L1, multiple advanced first aid, CPR, and numerous certifications in the EMR and rescue field. Mitch enjoys playing golf, is an avid fisherman, and is also a self-taught bagpiper.