Big Helping of Humble Pie – By Coach Wendy

Last night I sat down…..or should I say “squatted” down to a big ole piece of humble pie. You know that feeling? You approach the pie thinking, “yes ma’am, that looks great! I’m going to [...]

Life is Short, Make it Sweet – By Michelle

Our LEVEL UP 2020 program is off to a great start!! Okay so what does LEVEL UP actually mean? Here’s what’s behind our LEVEL UP program at Forge and what it means to me: At [...]

Goal-Setting Tip #6 – By Michelle

Last one!! GOAL TIP #6: HOW HARD ARE YOU WILLING TO WORK? Okay so some of us get a kick out of the dreaming and planning process...but it's not actually REAL until we take [...]

Goal-Setting Tip #5 – By Michelle

GOAL TIP #5: Choose your Major Definite Goal Hopefully by now you've had a chance to create a few daily 10 goals lists? When you go through this exercise next, take a look at your [...]

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