Goal-Setting Tip #4 – By Michelle

GOAL-SETTING TIP #4: Write down your goal in PAST TENSE - as if it's already happened / already accomplished. Then spend time visualizing it DONE and thinking about what that will LOOK like and FEEL [...]

Goal-Setting Tip #3 – By Michelle

GOAL-SETTING TIP #3: THE WHY What makes a goal STICKY? Two main things: 1) How badly do you want it? 2) How hard are you willing to work for it? Today's tip is about the [...]

Goal-Setting Tip #2 – By Michelle

GOALPOST #2 🏒🥅😉 Have you started your 10 goals exercise yet? Takes only 5-10mins/day - and honestly really works!! Okay today's tip is pretty simple but very important: Phrase each goal as something POSITIVE to [...]

Goal-Setting Tip #1 – By Michelle

Jan is a great month to set some GOALS! And GOALS are proven to be WAY more effective than new years resolutions! Here is a really simple and effective exercise to get started: Today, take [...]

Our Forge Community – By Coach Wendy

I recently came across a great article that really struck me and made me think of our Forge Community. Each point the writer made literally had me saying, “yes, this is what our Forge community [...]

Winter Solstice – By Coach Wendy

I am fascinated by the tradition of the Winter Solstice. The celebration of the winter season. A time when the days are shortest. A time for renewal, rest and recovery. As it gets dark earlier, [...]

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