Michelle Linton
Michelle LintonPartner
As Forge Team Inc. President, Michelle heads up the business side of Forge Team Inc. She is passionate about seeing members break through their barriers of fear to become stronger and healthier.
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Kelly Linton
Kelly LintonPartner
One of Forge’s founding partners, Kelly is committed to working with the other Forge partners and the incredible Forge Coaches to achieve our potential as Centre Wellington’s premier…
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Mitch Johnson
Mitch JohnsonPartner
In addition to being responsible for overseeing our facility and equipment, Mitch also provides leadership related to coach development and workout programming.
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Karen Johnson
Karen JohnsonPartner
With the responsibility to manage Forge administrative processes and systems, Karen is essential to us providing exceptional service to our members and prospects.
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Travis Laitar
Travis LaitarHead Coach
Travis grew up in the Centre Wellington area and then attended the State University of New York at Cortland on an athletic scholarship. He graduated with a Bachelor…
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Tom Altwegg
Tom AltweggCoach
A long-time Forge member who has become a coach, Crossfit-L1 trainer Tom is an example of what can happen with effective training, proper nutrition and just plain hard work.
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Maria Mulder
Maria MulderCoach
Maria has always been very physically active and played a variety of sports growing up, mainly baseball, running, field hockey and horseback riding. She has been a member…
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Wendy Cudmore
Wendy CudmoreCoach
Having been a member at various gyms since she was 16 years old, Wendy’s passion is exercise, from high school sports to university intramurals, from years of triathlon racing…
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Brittany Schwende
Brittany SchwendeCoach
Brittany has always been an athlete within the CW community. Growing up playing a multitude of sports, Brittany created a love for sport not only because of its competitiveness but for the feeling of being part of a team.
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Justin Kampen
Justin KampenCoach
Justin Kampen grew up in Orangeville area and was enrolled in gymnastic classes at a young age. A high school fitness class kickstarted his personal journey to become best version of himself…
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Kayla Linton
Kayla LintonCoach
Kayla Linton
One of our original junior members, Kayla has transitioned from an Assistant Coach to a Crossfit-L1 trainer dedicated to helping both our members and our sports/youth teams become stronger and faster.
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Dawson Mckenzie
Dawson MckenzieCoach
Dawson grew up playing lacrosse and hockey in the Centre Wellington area since he was a novice. His love of lacrosse and passion for the game provided him the opportunities to learn from the best, playing for…
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