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Forge is at  250 St. Andrew Street East - just past the Tim Horton's in downtown Fergus. Forge is not your typical gym. You won't see fancy machines, treadmills or music-choreographed programs. Nothing wrong with those fitness methods, it's just not what we're about! At Forge, we use athletic-style, functional training methods (think kettlebells, med/slam balls, box jumps, sprinting, Olympic weight lifting, climbing ropes, flipping tires, push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, squats, burpees, etc.) to always push ourselves and each other to become stronger and faster.

We currently offer over 40 scheduled classes per week. Everything we do is coach-led and coach-supported ensuring that our members always get hands on training and coaching. We invite you to check us out! Forge might be exactly what you need to push you to reach your fitness potential! Click here to book your FREE TRIAL CLASS!


Our VisionForging strong people who positively impact our community


Core Values(these are so important to us that we've painted them on our walls!) 

  • NO LIMITS:  Forging individual masterpieces through heat, hammering, and great expenditure of effort
  • TEAM:  Moving forward steadily together with increased speed and power

  • IMPACT: Taking deliberate action to advance so we can positively impact our community


For more information about Forge, contact Michelle at or 519.820.6876.

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