The ForgeX Advantage is exceptional coaches, amazing workouts and an awesome facility! We use functional training methods (think kettlebells, med/slam balls, box jumps, sprinting, Olympic weight lifting, climbing ropes, flipping tires, push ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, squats, burpees, etc.) to push each other to become fitter and stronger every day. Everything we do is coach-led ensuring that our members always get hands on training and guidance. ForgeX might be exactly what you need to push you to reach your fitness potential! Come visit us for your free trial class!

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These are functional training classes built around three key components of fitness: strength training, cardio training and movement training. These classes are designed to improve musculoskeletal health, cardiorespiratory health and overall movement quality. Each workout is an hour long and includes lots of movement using body weight, kettlebells, wall balls, rings, foundational Olympic lifting, speed and agility training, sled pushing …etc! We offer unlimited adult memberships as well as class passes. The best way to see what Forge is like is to come and try a free session! If you’d like more information, email [email protected].


This baby-friendly class is available for new mothers who want to get a great workout while attending to their babies’ needs at the same time.

  • Each class will provide a full body workout focusing on different aspects of fitness: cardio, muscular strength & endurance, balance, and core. Programmed specifically for post partum Mom’s.
  • The perfect workout program to help you return to fitness after the arrival of your newest family member!
  • This is an awesome opportunity to connect with other new moms in the community as well.
  • To make it as easy as possible bring your little bundle of joy and use them as a weight or just leave them peacefully sleeping beside you!
  • All fitness levels are welcome.
  • Pre-mobile babies only please.

Mom’s and babies classes run every Monday from 10:30am to 11:30am.

10 pack passes or single drop in passes available.


Our regular Fx Youth classes introduce kids to the gym setting and follow the same format as our regular adult FX IRON classes, adapted to our youth age groups. Fundamentals such as strength, conditioning, agility and mobility are all covered in a safe and FUN environment. The program starts with the basics of movement and moves into more challenging activities as the participants feel ready. Kids can look forward to playing active games, lifting weights and other cool challenges such as handstands and climbing ropes as part of this amazing program. Workouts can be modified – all levels of fitness welcome. Best way to see what Forge is like is to come a try free session! If you’d like more information, email [email protected].


Are you looking to KICKSTART your fitness? This 7 week program is perfect for anyone looking to start or restart your fitness journey! Introduction to foundational functional movements with emphasis on good form. Through a variety of workouts, we will challenge your whole body while learning how to move properly so you can get stronger in everything you do both inside and outside of the gym. Classes will entail the foundations of proper movement, teach you to use a barbell, and always finish with a fun heat-building workout. For more information, please email [email protected].


Affiliated with Elite Training Collective based out of our facility. Please contact [email protected] for more information