Last night I sat down…..or should I say “squatted” down to a big ole piece of humble pie. You know that feeling? You approach the pie thinking, “yes ma’am, that looks great! I’m going to love that” and then when it comes right down to it and you pick up that fork and get munching you realize… “this is tough going…this isn’t as tasty as I thought”.

So let’s replace the “pie” with last nights Squat Snatches and really dig into the meat of issue 😊

I arrived to class last night and saw the workout had Squat Snatches and thought, “okay, let’s do it!”. I’m fairly decent at Snatches and I’m fairly decent at dumbbell snatches so was on board and ready to roll. Very quickly I realized that dumbbell squat snatches are a whole different ballgame which require strength and mobility in areas that I didn’t expect. What went from a “let’s do it” mindset quickly became a mindset of frustration which I then had to decide whether I was going to let it frustrate me or teach me.

I opted let it teach me.

I dropped my weight choice way back (munch, munch on the humble pie), asked the coach some questions (munch, munch) and then went to work.

I sweated.

I cursed.

I questioned my sanity.

I questioned the coaches sanity.

I questioned the point of it all.

And then the workout was done and what did I feel?


Driving home I was jazzed, hyped, excited and when I really dug into that, I realized that I was proud of the work I did both mentally and physically to learn a new skill.

I was reminded how vital it is to take a step back, choke down that humble pie/scale back the weights and work to get movements correct.

So as we all look forward to many more days of sweating it out together in our home away from home…… never hesitate to dive into a slice of humble pie. It will fill you up far more than you’d ever think.