Years ago, I worked at a local Y. Hired as a summer student to assist the Fitness Director, never did I think this job would have such an impact on me, not only then, but to this day. That summer job turned in to a part time job year-round that carrier me through my 4 years of university. It was the start of a passion for fitness that has stayed with me.

There were many aspects of that job that I loved. From teaching aerobics to aqua class. Pre/post-natal classes to a class dedicated to seniors and those recovering from accidents to, what came to be my favorite, introducing people to and designing programs for them to follow in our cardio/weight room area.

It was through the interpersonal part of working there that I really became fascinated with why people would join a gym and that became a pivotal question I would ask people when I would do one on one consultations with them. “Why are you here?”

The answers ranged from what you would expect, to answers that inspired me, to answers that broke my heart. My job was never to judge the answer but to help them achieve that goal. I loved it.

After 4 years at that job it was time for me to move on and while the job was over, my passion for fitness and my passion for helping others find their “why are you here” has remained.

To me fitness is a lifestyle choice. It should be filled with the things that YOU love to do. It should be something that you look forward to doing in your day.

What makes me sad is when I hear people say, “I run but I hate it” or “I do spin/TRX/Pilates (etc. etc.) but don’t love it”. My question is always …. “Then why do you do it?”

I truly believe there is an option for exercise for everyone. Whether it’s a daily walk or yoga practice, mountain climbing, cycling or even skydiving. CrossFit to Zumba and everything is between, there is something for everyone. The key really comes down to taking a chance and trying new things.

As a Forge member my hope is that you have chosen Forge because you truly love to be here. That you are as excited to come to class and see friends and work hard as I am. That we share in the excitement of the challenge and are so very proud at the end.

As a Forge coach my hope is that you have found your passion in what we do here together. The sweat, the work, the laughs and the odd bit of trash talk thrown in there.

So, as you read this…. I ask you, “Why are you here at Forge?”

My hope is that your answer is a resounding…… “Because I love it!”