Jan is a great month to set some GOALS! And GOALS are proven to be WAY more effective than new years resolutions! Here is a really simple and effective exercise to get started:

Today, take out a clean sheet of paper. Write the word “GOALS” and today’s date at the top. Sit still…close your eyes…take a few deep breaths, and then think about “What do I really WANT in 2020? If I knew I couldn’t fail, what do I dream about…what do I deeply desire for this year?”

Then, without thinking about the HOW and without any self judgement, simply write down TEN GOALS that you’d like to accomplish or achieve this year (think about all aspects of your life – career, financial, relationships, family, fitness, wellness, spiritual, mindset, mental, emotional, etc…). Write down whatever comes to mind, no filter.

Tomorrow, repeat – don’t look at the list from the day before, start fresh. Do this every day for at least 5-7 days, each day starting with a clean sheet of paper, max 10 mins. Your goals will be clearer each day.

Another tip tomorrow!

#GOALS #defineyour2020