GOAL TIP #5: Choose your Major Definite Goal Hopefully by now you’ve had a chance to create a few daily 10 goals lists? When you go through this exercise next, take a look at your list of goals and ask yourself:
If I could achieve any ONE goal on this list right away, which one would have the greatest positive impact on my life now? Which one goal would improve my life more than the others? Which goal achieved would help me achieve the other goals more than anything else?

Circle or highlight this goal. Then write it down at the top of a new sheet of paper. This goal should become your focal point and MAJOR DEFINITE GOAL to focus on.

Next, ask yourself HOW? How am I going to achieve this goal? What do I need to do? What actions do I need to take to move forward on this? Write down everything that comes to mind — shoot for at least 20 answers. This will activate your mind and unleash your creativity to give you new ideas you haven’t thought of before. The first few might be hard to come up with….but keep pushing through to generate a nice big list of answers to HOW.

LASTLY– choose ONE ACTION (just one!) that you can do TODAY! Action makes the goal real and initiates COURAGE. Get it done within the next 24 hours!

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