The other day I got busted. No, I wasn’t robbing a bank, stealing candy from a baby or divulging the real deal on the whole Elf on the Shelf thing. I got busted doing something at the gym that I am always reminding fellow members not to do.
Let’s call it the “but I only” syndrome.
You know, the syndrome where it’s the start or end of the class. The coach is explaining things to start us off or doing the high fives at the end. A friend is talking about the upcoming workout or asking how you felt about the workout and then it happens……
The words are out of your mouth before you know it.
“But I only”
“But I only did push ups from my knees”. “But I only did step ups” (that’s the one I got busted on). “But I can only do light weight today because….”
Friends, I’m going to say this bluntly.
No One Cares.
Don’t get me wrong. Everyone cares about YOU. Coaches and your fellow members care that YOU are there for class. We care that YOU’VE taken the time to show up. We care that YOU are there to make your day better and make our day better too but….
No One Cares what weight you use, what box height you choose or the height of your wall balls.
We all are working at our own pace for that day, that minute and often…. that second (how many more burpees do I have to do??). We are all in the zone and striving for our own best day.
So, as I write this…. I want to first thank Coach Kylie for calling me out on my “but I only” because I needed to hear that and be reminded. Next, I want to put this challenge to all of you.
Set aside your “but I onyx’s” and instead let’s work to be mindful and proud that we made it to class and when its all said and done let’s hit those high fives with fierce pride because, like always, Forge Friends.
We rocked that class!