A place where you can be vocal or be quiet but you are always encouraged to be YOU.

A place where you can lift heavy or lift light but always make sure to CHALLENGE yourself.

A place where the height of your jump or the speed of your step matters some, but the fact that you kept moving AT YOUR OWN PACE matters most.

A place where we challenge ourselves, we challenge each other and we challenge the goal but also respect our limits and encourage our TEAM.

A place where we compete against each other but also SUPPORT each other.

We talk with FRIENDS and make new friends.

We listen, LEARN and ask questions.

We TEACH, demonstrate and challenge each other.



We smile and we laugh. Gosh do we LAUGH!

The Forge Community is an amazing place that has brought together a tremendous group of people all with the COMMON GOAL of bettering themselves in a place that is supportive and encouraging with a healthy dose of fun!

Together we all WORK TOGETHER to support our common vision which is to “Forge strong people who positively impact our community” through our core values of No Limits, Team and Impact.

Welcome to the FORGE COMMUNITY – We’re so glad you’re here.