I am fascinated by the tradition of the Winter Solstice. The celebration of the winter season. A time when the days are shortest. A time for renewal, rest and recovery. As it gets dark earlier, it reminds us to circle back in with ourselves and recharge our batteries so that we are not so much a slave to time.

Ah yes….. time.

In our life, time marches so fast that we often forget to slow down and relax. We focus on the never ending “to do” list and ignore the voice in our heads that say, “rest”.

The Winter Solstice reminds us of what our ancient ancestors have known for thousands of years which is to pay attention to the patterns of nature. When nature slows down, we should too.

With the winter darkness comes an opportunity for us to quiet the mind and slow the body. With the darkness comes a time when we can process the heaps of information and problems we’ve amassed over the past year.

Stop. Breath. Slowly pull that air all the way in and then let it all flow out.

Recharge. Re-energize.

As we take this time over the holiday season to visit with family and friends, be sure to take some time to slow down, to quiet the mind, to ignore the “to do” list, to embrace the quiet stillness that comes with the dark.

By taking mindful action to press pause on life…..as the light returns to the world, your energy levels will have rebounded and you will be able take on life with renewed energy.

Heck, ya might even PB that front squat 😊